Along the Gold Rush Trail


First edition ISBN 0-88336-752-1

Second edition 0-88336-203-1


Young Eugene Chase hears the call of the West in 1849 and leaves Vermont for California’s Gold Rush.  Along the trail, he finds beauty and danger and loneliness.  It is a journey to adulthood as well as to a new land.


                  “a beautifully written story…” - Melissa Buckingham,

                                                    The Free Library of Philadelphia


The Face of the Avila

Second edition ISBN 980-07-2564-4


“I identified with so much, not only about Venezuelan culture shock in all its manifestations, but also in respect to friendship and the various women’s themes that permeate the letters of Iris and Jessica.  After finishing the book, I felt as though I’d had a good, long talk with friends.” 

                                       - Elisabeth Friedman 

                                         Stanford University, Fulbright scholar

Beyond the Wall (copyright 2000, Puffin Foundation grant) A powerful and gripping story about a woman of privilege putting herself at risk to help incarcerated North Americans in Venezuela. 


 “This book shows the reader from firsthand experience how U.S. citizens in Venezuelan prisons try to survive deplorable conditions.  When I read the last page, I felt indebted to the author for doing the world’s work.  The book and writing are indescribably good.”                                               - Dr. June Bailey, educator and author

The Story of a Contrary, Contumacious Cat

ISBN 978-1-7341602-0-8


In a dual-military household, a contrary Persian cat  keeps pooping on a major's valued rug.  Four lively female characters resolve a problem related to moving stress.  Glossary includes thirty words, playfully presented. Charming artwork by A. Cort Sinnes.

“Your story is charming, hilarious, and wonderfully sensitive.  I laughed out loud while reading passages to my husband, who had a similarly fraught relationship with his daughter’s cat.” 

                                         - Carole Harlow, ESL, Adult literacy teacher

"When I read The Face of the Avila, I laughed and remembered those times I was bewildered, confused, and plainly lost in another country.  This book is a 'must read' for newcomers to foreign countries because it tells the reader, "You are not alone.  We have all been there, and in time you will enjoy your life overseas."

                               - Ileana Puig, Community Liaison Officer (CLO),

                                                      U.S. Embassy, Lima, Peru


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