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Gail Kenna hits an ace with her memoir, Tennis Talk of a Nobody. The memoir cleverly interweaves Gail’s lifelong tennis journey with her love of good literature and impactful events in her life. Gail’s voice is authentic, witty, and gritty. Her growth mindset is inspiring. By example, she inspires you to fear not and live your life to the fullest. Get fit and stay fit so you can play tennis or engage in whatever sport or hobby brings you joy. Enjoy movement. Read and discuss fine literature with friends. Travel and take risks, especially to help a friend. Take a swing at life!

Michele Burke Craddock, Virginia attorney

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The book should be required reading for any serious tennis player. You have captured the divinity of the sport, possibly better than any sports novel I've read. Your writing style feels smooth and effortless. The reader glides on your sentences. A great accomplishment. 

William E. Nordt, III, M.D. OrthoVirginia

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