• Gail Wilson Kenna

What's Tennis Got to Do with Hemingway?

The Wix website's tabulator indicates that few persons are reading my blog. Yet I hear from many friends and old students about it. When my website first appeared, an old friend wrote and asked why I had not mentioned on the site anything about tennis, a sport integral to my life. Truthfully, it had not occurred to me.

Tennis is a tough sport on knees, which is why on June 2nd I received a new right knee to match the left one replaced in December. Which is also why I don't have a regular blog this week.

But let me say that during my Southern California tennis days from age 12 to 21, I knew Billy Jean Moffit King. Wisely, she had both of her knees replaced years ago. I unwisely waited until mine had bowed badly. Still, I hope to be running on straight legs in two months, back on the court as I was last time.

Next week I will return to Ernest Hemingway, a King of Sports, and what is called the Hemingway code. I will also probe the mysterious conjunction of finding Old Man and the Sea that summer in 1958 while babysitting in Fullerton, California.

In the meantime, here is a visual offering for books mentioned in my blog, "Literature I've Loved."



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