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Responses to Last Week’s Blog on Dante’s Inferno

I bemoan the small number who read my weekly blog, though I have a fair number of subscribers. And I’m pleased to say responses came from Washington State, California, Colorado, New York, and of course, Virginia. Here is a sampling.

“We moderns have pretty much decided all that “archaic old stuff” isn’t relevant. And here we are—so blind to ourselves, all over again. Appalling, depressing, even horrifying.”

“Brilliant blog on the circles of sin.”

"Decided to read The Divine Comedy.

Checked the local library’s date base. No Dante!”

Ironweed’s Francis Phelan is a saint compared to politicians I will not name.”

“I’ll sign the petition for changing the name of Congress to Malebolge. Word made me laugh out loud.”

“Relevant blog indeed. The last few months have been like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I don’t know how it is going to end.”

“Wholly relevant blog and Malebolge is just the word for our political times. We can only hope (and work) for BETTER.”

“Malebolge seems a proper place for MAGAots, don’t you think? I note they also own territory in all the other Dantean circles except Limbo. None qualify for that.”

Until next week…wishing you a fine Thanksgiving with family and friends. Gail and llona

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